Anastasia Starikova, Sondage


Performance, documentation and collection of objects

ONLINE 20.8.2021


Sondage project is an experimental archaeological dig taking place in the neighbourhood of Kim? Contemporary Art Center. It is also a collection of found artefacts that serves as an archive of the fictional/alternative past of the area or as a link between multiple areas. The dig is documented through various archaeological techniques and video/photography creating the body of the project's archive. The project is an amateur attempt on 'digging for history' and an investigation of heritage, ritualistic practices, sustainability meant to entertain the urge to collect/find artefacts to critically evaluate the past through building fictional narratives.

Sondage is an archaeological term for a trial dig (or 'sounding the earth') to establish an area's potential for findings.


Anastasia Starikova (Latvia) is a Latvian visual artist and researcher, currently based in Birmingham, UK. In her practice Anastasia is looking at fringe/experimental archival practices and collecting, as well as the aspects of how fictional, archival and digital matter together can produce knowledge. She mainly works with personal archives, non-intentional collections, digital non-institutional or institutional hoarding, structures of knowledge and different types of verbal and speculative artefacts. In the last two years, she has been working closely with her maternal grandparents on a number of projects regarding their relationship to digital, new media, photography, fictional narratives, collecting and art.