Steve & Samantha, Release


Live-streamed music mix


Tune in at 7pm (Vilnius time) on August 20, 2021: Palanga Street Radio, - or press PLAY above

Release is a live-streamed music mix made up of elements from songs and sound experiments recorded at home and in the studio in June and July 2021. The material was recorded on two phones that moved around with us, picking up the sounds of instruments, vocals, creaks and interactions that bled into each other.

The work employs the idea of release as a guide for exploration and thought on the process of music creation – a release of energy; finger releasing a key or a fret to produce a note; a breakaway from conventional songwriting. To make music is to release music, and by being shared through physical and digital networks it becomes “a release”.

These songs are experiments in relationships and listening – to each other, to our instruments, and to patterns, rhythms and time signatures that we have internalised with an intention to break free from these structures. They lead us in and out of unison, as we attempt to antagonistically pull apart, but often fall back to harmony as we automatically listen and support each other.


Artists James Lowne (UK) and Ulijona Odišarija (LT) are the duo behind the London-based band Steve & Samantha, working together since 2018. Their work spreads across experimental song making and explorations of improvisation and pop music. They self-released their debut album Keep Us Close Together In Hell in winter 2019.