Eva Järv & Ulla Juske & Hanna Piksarv, Postcards from Home


Series of 12 postcards and 6 videos

PostcardsFromHome1_1.jpg PostcardsFromHome2_1.jpg PostcardsFromHome3_1.jpg

The weather is always sunny on postcards, the sky is blue and the sea shimmers. Postcards we send remind us of a special travel day or share the joy we have experienced. Like the physical (not to say, analogue) things usually are, a hand-written postcard is unique and intimate. Eva, Ulla and Hanna believe that you don’t necessarily have to travel far to make new discoveries. Domestic life and observations at home are no less worthy of a postcard than world-famous museums or exotic landscapes.

The series Postcards from Home is like an invitation to visit, depicting the anticipation and preparations before the arrival of guests. The home has been tidied up and organised, the best tablecloth and porcelain have been brought out; the shoes are neatly lined up in the hallway and the rack is emptied to make space for the guest’s coats; the coffee pot is already on fire and cookies set out in a crystal bowl. The postcards are shot on film with multiple exposures. In this way the final result is also a surprise for the artists themselves and brings all three homes together in one image.

In addition to postcards, the series also includes six videos that depict the busy preparations before the arrival of guests. Even if the guest to arrive is one of “your own” and people feel comfortable in each other’s homes, there is an exhilarating excitement before their arrival, which makes us look at our home through a stranger’s gaze. Sometimes things get out of hand and we may find ourselves displaying the more exciting books in prominent places on the shelf, aligning the carpet fringes or hiding the traces the habits we are not proud of.


Postcards can be ordered free of charge throughout the project or as long as there is stock available. The videos will be released in August.


Eva Järv (1989, Estonia) is an Estonian artist. She has received a master of arts in the Installation and sculpture department at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2015. The artwork is often inspired by the ephemeral travel memories. Aswell shred of travel writings has put into imaged form. Eva has been working on seascape drawings and paintings last years. Also flowers, pebbles and found objects have had the importance to be cited in the artwork. Forementioned practice taking visual notes has been uphold for another practice in life – artist is interested in different spiritual practices, inter alia breathing practices. She took part in Vipassana courses in Australia and Indonesia in 2019. Eva has taken part in different international project, often based on welcoming people. During the university year in Budapest (2010 2011) three co-curated one to three day projects were held in private flat to exhibit art and bring forth performances. With colleague from Budapest open art space and exhibition was held in Leipzig 2018.

Ulla Juske (1986, Estonia) is an Estonian artist working in drawing, video and installation. Collaboration, discussion and public engagement has been the heart of Juske's practice; most of her projects have been done through collaborations with artists, composers, art historians and local communities. She has received her masters degree in Media department at the National College of Art and Design, Ireland (2014) and has a degree in Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2011). Currently she is undertaking a postgraduate programme in Semiotics in Tartu University, where her research is focusing on the social function of absurdity.

Hanna Piksarv (1989, Estonia) is a sculptor and visual artist who received her master’s degree in sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2015. Since 2009, she has been active in the art scene in Estonia and Austria, and has in recent years mainly focused on collaborative projects. In addition to her solo exhibitions dealing with the mental and physical body and manual labour, Good and Wood at Tartu Art House in 2014 and Hats for Life at Draakon Gallery in 2016, she has also participated in larger and smaller group exhibitions. Piksarv continues to explore the same subject and is currently focused on finding the origins of care work and manual labour.