Kristiāna Marija Sproģe, Great Expectations


Live drawing club and script reading, streamed

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Great Expectations is a participatory online event aimed at collaboration and social-creative exercise between local Latvian creatives in a carefree atmosphere. Invited creatives from Latvia will create collaborative, non-linear visual explorations through indirect restrictions and storytelling in an online image-making platform while listening to a play conducted and read live by intelectual art collective Next Level Media Solutions, providing an indirect motive for the event. The creatives will be divided in multiple online rooms in groups of two to four, each room being a playground for mutual collaboration creating a live visual foreground to the play by producing a contemporary and deformed visual version of a classical story.

Participating visual artists: Kristians Brekte, Aleksandrs Breže, Paula Buškevica, Golf Clayderman, Maija Kurševa, Reinis Lodziņš, Līga Spunde, Viktors Timofejevs and artist collective 3/8. Intellectual art collective Next Level Media Solutions is a collective of Latvian artists, financists, academics and cultural theorists united by interest to explore the interaction between modern society and the culture of capitalism. Their works include digital art, performance, exhibitions, theater and new interpretation of it in the environment of the internet as a resilient alternative to the traditional theater in the time of pandemics.

3_8_ProcessDrawing.jpeg Golf Clayderman_ProcessDrawing.jpeg L.Spunde + M.Kurševa + A.Breže_ProcessDrawing.jpg P.Buškevica + V.Timofejevs + R.Lodziņš_ProcessDrawing.jpg


Kristiāna Marija Sproģe (Latvia) is a graphic designer and co-founder of the artist group 3/8 with an interest in multidisciplinary collaboration, invention of new working methods, sustainability, and conceptual and critical thinking. After graduating from visual communication department in Art Academy of Latvia, she continued artistic development in graphic design department at Royal Academy of Art The Hague, alongside participation in exhibitions and active creation of self-initiated projects.