Henrik Rakitin, Ether FM


FM-radio broadcast


“And now our next caller is on the line. Hello, who are we talking to?”
“This is Rein.”
“Well, hello Rein!”
“And where are you calling from?”
“From Lihula.”
“Is the weather nice in Lihula as well?”
“It’s alright, but how can one enjoy it when you’ve got work to do!”
“What work are you doing then?”
“Fixing the roof.”
“Keep up the good work! Anyway, what song can we play for you, Rein?”
“I’d like to hear A Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles”
“Got it. Dear listeners, here on Rein’s request are the Beatles!”

We all know radio shows where listeners are invited to call in and request songs they would like to hear. In an otherwise unidirectional medium, this is one of the few instances where the commoner can make his voice heard. Of course, nowadays you have more options – from tagging a local politician in a demanding Facebook post to participating in long forum discussions under articles that concern you. All of these activities foster the illusion of democratic participation, even as in reality you remain as far from the levers of power as ever.

Henrik Rakitin’s “Ether FM” takes the tried and true formula of FM radio – songs on request – and gives it a new turn. During July, visitors of “History of Joy. Part 4” are invited to fill in a questionnaire and describe their ideal song. Drawing on this input, Rakitin will compose an audio stream that he will broadcast using a portable radio transmitter in select locations across Estonia in September. A recording of the stream will be made available afterward, allowing audience members whose FM receivers are out of range to listen in.

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Henrik Rakitin (Estonia) is a multidisciplinary artist from Tallinn, Estonia. His work is a compilation of street-smarts, public appearances, digital / virtual works, sculpture, painting and musical endevours. He has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts' Installation and Sculpture department and complemented himself in Kuvataideakademia and Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Moving Image).

His works thrive in aesthetical borderlines and legal/forbidden. As imprisoned in hyperconsumerism, he has taken the tools and means of late capitalism, questioning them, yet sympathizing and somewhat fetishizing them, playing with symbols, discourses and alter-egos. One such is San Hani - a cloud-rap, electronic and hip-hop artist, which Rakitin created as artistic persona, representing himself.

San Hani has taken the sounds and means from his surroundings and pop-culture, yet creating a new experience and character to it. It is ironic, uneven, distant and excessive, yet sincere.

Following multiple realeases, Henrik Rakitin continues to work on many layers of arts & bring white space to cloud.