Antanas Lučiūnas aka Ragemore, Deep in the Valley


4K video, sound

ONLINE 15.10.2021

love.jpg You fruity faggot!

I fell in love with someone new, newly, in a new way… and to just fuck is hardly enough...
Crying from fear, high and joy
in all the most sensitive parts of my body.
I wanted for the feeling to stop as soon as possible, because I was getting weak, and I was losing my breath and my mind.
Everything was stuttering, I was in the way that I was, only to myself, and finally everything became so real, like I never felt before. I thought only the lucky people get to feel this type of success...

I’m adding this card and a pen, take notes, cause I’m shaking in my most secret places. I’m waiting so much till we talk again! (You moron, this is going to be my course work)

p.s. and if you still decide to abandon me and him, I hope you’ll find a way to erase all that is ahead of us from your memory, if not I’ll smack your head”

(a letter from my dear friend $, circa 2014)

a promise to the future self a manifestation cracking free of the caressing shame a plea for the young a deal with the elderly an escapade a breaking point a shift in language a claim a spell a dedication

there is no reason to be ashamed of love

Deep in the Valley is a choreographed video piece, released together with 6 new tracks made together with music producer Sami Baha. Dissecting Lithuanian popular music, synchronised dancing and the decadence of language in music from the 90s until now.


Antanas Lučiūnas (b. 1997, Kaunas, Lithuania) is a Vilnius based visual artist, vocalist and dj. Their work combines performance art, writing and sculpture. The artist's practice has a strong emphasis on collaboration, in a wish to achieve a multitude of affairs, merging fragments of queer theory with personal experiences and topics of intimacy, accuracy and desire systems. Their work frames itself in the mannerisms of popular music and club-like situations with leisured choreography and physical culture. In a goal to attain a sense of release within a controlled setting. Creating intersectional environments in between scripted and improvised situations, they are trying to exercise spatial understanding where these factors are constructed, enforced conditions of life and codependency. At times these determinants are personal, sometimes communal and normalised contingencies opening conversations between practitioners and audience.